Yamurai Zendera, Alan Gooch
STRUCTURAL’s Alan Gooch is among those who say work in specialist areas of concrete strengthening and repair has been picking up over the last year or so. The Englishman puts this down to confidence returning to the region, with clients in turn loosening their purse strings. “There are a lot of
Thomas R. Kline
Many times, especially in Petrochemical Facilities, plant processes must remain on-line; making asset repairs only during planned outages a wistful dream.
Tarek Alkhrdaji, Ph.D., P.E., Jay Thomas
Many of today’s facilities have been in service for several decades and during the course of their operation have experienced changes in use, deterioration, structural defects, seismic effects or revisions to building codes. Any of these factors can prompt the need for restoration or additional
Brent Anderson, P.E.
Escalating land costs, parking requirements, urban heat island effects, the desire to be “green” and various requirements to store runoff water on site have led many design professionals to place buildings below grade and cover parts of them with vegetation. These energy and environmental
Jorge Costa, P.E. & Leandro Etcheverry
According to a recently completed study sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), NACE International, and mandated by Congress in the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21), corrosion of metals costs the United States in excess of $276 billion per year. This loss to
Yamurai Zendera, Alan Gooch
Structural’s new Business Development Director (Technologies) Alan Gooch talks to Yamurai Zendera about why working in the Middle East has always motivated him and his plans for expanding the company’s specialist technologies division. Alan Gooch describes the region as “having some of the worst
John Bambridge, Sibtain Kapadia
John Bambridge discusses structural strengthening with some of the lead applicators and suppliers in the niche but growing industry sector. Structural strengthening is a phrase that conjures up mental images of a quick fix to projects gone slightly wrong or a final measure to save an ailing
Brent Anderson, P.E.
In a nuclear facility, the timing of equipment maintenance is crucial to continued plant operations. In many respects, predictive maintenance is an extension of nuclear industry safety culture. While all nuclear facilities employ predictive maintenance programs to some extent, management at the
Brent Anderson, P.E. and Tom Kline
The nuclear industry is a leader in implementing proactive maintenance programs for process equipment. Repairs, maintenance, and replacements are aggressively addressed because there is a direct correlation to production and profitability. Civil and structural infrastructure that supports process
Tarek Alkhradaji, Ph.D., P.E.
FRP strengthening of existing structures can involve complex evaluation, design, and detailing processes, requiring a good understanding of the existing structural conditions along with the materials used to repair the structure prior to FRP installation. The suitability of FRP for a strengthening