Heavy leakage and delamination was noted in the Head House especially in the lower basement and more excessively on the raft
Verifying steel layout with GPR and investigative openings
Installation of surface mounted ribbon into shot-crete repair area
Rolling out ICCP mesh onto the slab overlay area
Injection of leaking cracks prior to EOP system operation
Installation of ICCP monitoring system
Sharjah, UAE
Project Team 
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Corrosion Solution Builders

Rehabilitation of Head House at IFFCO Hamriya

Project Highlights 
  • First CP & EOP system project by STRUCTURAL in the Middle East
  • Zero incident /accident
Project Description 

IFFCO is a United Arab Emirates based innovative and integrated multi food products Group. With an established global presence, the Group offers a wide range of food products, related derivatives, intermediates and services.


Condition Assessment

Based on the consultant’s assessment, heavy leakage and delamination was noted in the Head House especially in the lower basement and more excessively within the raft. The chloride level of the head house indicates that the structure is at high risk of continuous corrosion of the reinforcement bars, without any intervention and repair. Leakage and contaminants in the water causing delamination were mainly due to the fact that the facility is situated close to the seaport. Water ingress had disrupted the operations of the facility and this was further complicated by the presence of water-borne chloride ions which would surely lead to future interruptions with the continued degradation of the reinforcing steel in the concrete structure. Faced with operational interference, there was an extensive requirement to stop water ingress and simultaneously protect the steel reinforcement from attack by the aggressive salts.

Repair Opportunity

STRUCTURAL won the project under the concept of installing STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' Electro Osmotic Pulse / Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (EOP/ICCP) throughout the Head House structure. The combined technology will remove the existing moisture, prevent further water ingress and provide Cathodic Protection to selected elements of the Grain Store. With these systems, the coverage of areas that needed concrete repair can be reduced up to 25 percent as there is a much lesser need to remove all the initial rusting and scaling on the steel bars (where delamination and spalling are not yet present) given that further corrosion will already be halted.

The final scope of work included:

  • Stopping the ingress of seawater through concrete walls
  • Concrete remediation treatments to deal with delamination of concrete cover and steel corrosion, repairs and treatment of movement joints
  • Non-structural crack injection
  • Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) to protect the reinforcing steel
  • Electro-Osmotic Pulse (EOP) system to prevent moisture ingress
  • Application of protective coating to the raft slabs

The project was completed in 2011. Monitoring in November 2013 confirmed the installed systems are working as per specification.