Proprietary Products for Public Market

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES and our engineering partners can offer a full range of condition assessment and design services for owners of public and government infrastructure.

Proprietary Products for Public & Government Infrastructure


STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' products provide repair solutions across a wide range of public and government related markets, including:

  • Colleges & Universities
  • Bridges & Transportation
  • Water Treatment
  • Office & Administrative Buildings
  • Recreational & Entertainment Facilities

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' proprietary products help solve a wide range of unique challenges within the diverse sub-markets that make up public and government infrastructure. What all of these sub-markets share is the need to create long-term solutions that can extend the life of critical infrastructure for as long as possible. Long-term solutions that don't just repair, but extend the use of critical infrastructure is the focus of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' proprietary, highly engineered products.

  • Our full line of strengthening products allow us to restore structural capacity, or even increase it, for change-of-use applications in markets ranging from transportation and water treatment to office and educational infrastructure.
  • Impressed current and galvanic corrosion control systems allow the concrete repair process to not just replace deteriorated concrete, but protect critical infrastructure from future deterioration.
  • Force protection products protect structures from blast and natural disaster threats for bridge and transportation infrastructure, as well as in government-related office and administrative buildings, using innovative designs and materials.
  • Proprietary pipe rehabilitation products allow for buried pipe repair and structural improvement without the need for excavation in municipal and other public water treatment and distribution markets.
  • Specialized post-tensioning systems are used in both new tank design and tank repair in the water treatment market, and pre-manufactured equipment foundations can speed the repair and replacement of equipment foundations for specialty foundations, such as pumps.

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' proprietary products can be custom-designed to meet each project's unique requirements. This product design support is provided through our staff of experienced engineers and solution builders who take the time to understand your specific projects unique requirements.

Engineered Solutions for Public & Government Facilities

As part of developing the right solution, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' engineering services start with a full range of condition assessment services, working hand-in-hand with design partners, to understand the root cause of repair problems before moving forward on the proper product and design solution. By partnering with leading repair design firms—and combining our capabilities in investigation, solution building design, and proprietary products—STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES and our design partners create turnkey solutions for public and government customers.

When STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES and our market-specific engineering partners work through Structural Group’s qualified specialty contracting companies, customers receive total turnkey investigation, design, and construction solutions for their repair project. This results in time-saving, higher value solutions with single-source responsibility—from design through construction and warranty periods.


Proprietary Products

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers a wide range of proprietary products that can help owners of public and government facilities with their infrastructure repair, protection, and restoration challenges. Click on any link below to learn more about a particular product offering.



Specialty Solutions Through an Investigate-Design-Build Approach

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES and our engineering partners can offer a full range of condition assessment and design services, along with direct access to Structural Group’s qualified specialty contracting partners to manage the implementation of the Investigate-Design-Build process. Contact us today to arrange a site visit, review photos and drawings, or schedule an educational presentation to see how we can help you manage your public infrastructure repair and maintenance challenges.

Based on project-specific needs and problems, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES compliments leading design and engineering firms with additional expertise at each stage of the Investigate-Design-Build process with specialized capabilities, including:

  • Specialty forensic investigation and condition assessment
  • Proprietary products
  • Solution building support services
  • Cost and construction expertise of Structural Group’s contracting companies


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