Hardwire and STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES have joined forces to develop Cable Armor Systems like no other – lightweight, high-performance composite systems engineered to protect critical elements of cable-supported bridges.

A Proven History of Success

Since 2006, Hardwire and STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES have partnered to design, fabricate, and install more cable armor systems in the United States than any other supplier — protecting more than 10 cable supported bridges across the country. No other team can offer the technical know-how and track record that this team has amassed in the field of force protection.


State-of-the-Art Products

The joint venture of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES and Hardwire has allowed us to combine the patented technology of both Hardwire® and DUCON®  as well as other proprietary design elements.  Depending on the threat matrix, each project’s armor design is adjusted to optimized for peak performance.  Designs can be adjusted for a wide range of stay cable/bridge rope diameters to cover critical elements up to specified heights. These systems are manufactured to integrate with VSL brand cables and suspender rope products provided through STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES as well as with other stay cable suppliers and wire rope manufacturers.


A Proven Track Record

Together, our combined team is the recognized industry leader in developing, manufacturing, and installing bridge cables and armoring solutions for transportation structures. The bridge armoring and threat protection expertise of Hardwire, combined with the STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ armoring technology and our relationships with proprietary cable suppliers, makes this team the logical choice. Our team provides a track record of proven performance of installation on iconic bridge structures nationwide.


Custom Design

Our multi-component cylindrical armor design is prefabricated to meet the specific needs of each project, including variable threat levels and dimensional variations of the cables being protected with armor designed for compatibility with all cable types and sizes. Specific project threats require customized approaches. In building a solution that best addresses these threats, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES/ Hardwire Armoring Systems include either DUCON® or Hardwire® patented technologies, or sometimes a combination of both. For bridge cable retrofit applications, systems are designed and fabricated as clamshell systems, providing for easy inspection and maintenance. For new construction, the system may be fabricated as a single piece or use the clamshell design. This allows for installation off of the bridge construction critical path.

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Our Cable Armor Systems can protect against a variety of threats, such as:

Fire Hydrocarbon Pool Fire
Cutting Device (NECD)
Mechanical Cutting
Thermal Cutting
Blast (HEIED) Contact Charge
Stand-Off Charge
Fragment Simulated
Projectile (FSP)
20 mm Slug
50 Caliber Bullet
Stand-Off Weapon Shaped Charges
Improvised Explosive Devices
Manual Sabotage Core Driller

DUCON® trade names and patents are owned by DUCON GmbH and are distributed exclusively in North America by STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES for strengthening and force protection applications.
Hardwire® trade names and patents are owned by Hardwire LLC.
VSL is the registered trademark of VSL International Ltd.

Specialized Engineering Support Services

Our in-house application engineers work side-by-side with owners, engineers of record, and partner with blast consultants. These consultants have developed modeling capabilities for our proprietary technology so that we can match our design to project specific threats. Our team also offers field threat testing verification as part of the final acceptance process of project specific designs.

Assessment of Blast Loads
Assessment of Structural Capacity for Blast


We assist in solution development by providing:

    • Threat mitigation assistance to designers
    • Determination of blast loads and pressures
    • Analysis of blast capacity and performance determinants
    • Blast mitigation conceptualization and simulation modeling
    • Progressive collapse analysis
    • Option development and recommendations
    • Detailed high-fidelity analysis and design of mitigation options
    • Final project specific product design of solutions


    Force Protection Engineering Team Leader
    Tarek Alkhrdaji, PhD, P.E.

    Tarek Alkhrdaji, PhD, PE

    Tarek Alkhrdaji, PhD, PE is Vice President of Engineering at STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES. He has been involved in more than 400 projects involving structural strengthening, as well as high profile force protection/armoring projects. Dr. Alkhrdaji has also been involved in numerous repair and strengthening projects that received awards from The American Concrete Institute (ACI), the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI), and the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI). Throughout his career, Dr. Alkhrdaji has written more than 40 papers and articles on structural strengthening of structures that have included buildings, bridges, silos, tanks and concrete pipes. Along with his own design team, he works closely with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ engineering staff to design VSL® bridge cabling product solutions and our bridge market armoring and strengthening specialist.


    Clyde Ellis

    Clyde Ellis

    Clyde Ellis has over 15 years of experience with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES. His specialty is repair and strengthening of transportation structures with a focus on bridges. Clyde develops solutions implementing proprietary products in the areas of structural strengthening, force protection, PT inspections and corrosion protection systems. He is responsible for armor development efforts, physical testing and business development. In addition to his involvement with ACI as a past president and board member, he is a member of the PTI DC-80 Repair, Rehabilitation and Strengthening Committee.




    STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' licensed engineering services are provided by StrongPoint Engineering, LLC and VSTRUCTURAL LLC - both Structural Group Companies.

    Installation Support

    Bridge Armor installation

    Single Source Solutions

    When purchased as a package with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES VSL® brand cables or suspension ropes, designers and contractors get the added value of a single source for product supply, design, and installation support for both the cable and armoring system. Ultimately, this minimizes interface issues and reduces potential challenges or delays in delivery and installation.


    Turnkey – Design – Build Solutions

    Along with installation support services for our Hardwire and STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES armoring products, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides installation support for its VSL® brand bridge cable products for turnkey installation support of cables plus armor. For select applications, the contracting companies of Structural Group can offer full service installation of cables and armor.




    Hardwire® (the product) was originally used for seismic retrofit of buildings and infrastructure reinforcement applications, and this is still the case.  However, today, Hardwire is also known for solving some of the most challenging military, defense, and homeland security problems.

    Since 2002, Hardwire has developed, tested, and fielded armor to protect against threats ranging from small arms to improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to blast.  Hardwire has designed, produced, and installed armor on a total of eleven bridges across the Northeast United States, as well as buildings and utilities throughout the country and abroad.  

    During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hardwire produced over 5,000 Explosively Formed Projectile armor kits for U.S. Mine Resistant Ambushed Protected (MRAP) vehicles. They also supplied E-glass panels to the Defense Logistics Agency, equaling hundreds of acres of protection for the green zones. 

    Hardwire’s armor manufacturing facilities span over 100,000 square feet in Pocomoke City, Maryland.  Hardwire’s resources also include in-house ballistic testing facilities, fire-testing facilities, blast ranges, and modeling and simulation expertise.  Hardwire is cleared to do both classified and unclassified work. 

    To learn more about Hardwire, visit www.hardwirellc.com



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