Polyshield® Foundation System

Less downtime lower installed cost - extends the life of the equipment it supports

Polyshield® Equipment & Pump Foundations

Polyshield Equipment & Pump FoundationsDamage to concrete foundations for pumps, compressors and other rotating or vibrating equipment presents special challenges to plant maintenance personnel. Repairs to conventional concrete foundations are costly, labor-intensive and time-consuming. Moreover, acid-proofing foundations for corrosive pumps is difficult and prone to repeat failure.

The Polyshield® ANSI combination is the preferred pump foundation solution that takes advantage of the unique properties of polymer concrete. As a chemical-resistant foundation system that is easily put into place, then filled with standard concrete, the Polyshield® system can be completely installed and operable in less than two days. Compare that to the time-consuming, labor-intensive practice of building a form, installing rebar, and pouring concrete. Once installed, your Polyshield® system will provide excellent corrosion resistance over the long term, as well as vibration damping and resistance to twisting and diaphragming.

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Polyshield® Reduces Total Installed Cost

Total installed costPolyshield's pre manufactured shell and simple in place completion of the construction drastically reduces the downtime for repair and replacement and the total installed cost compared to conventional fabricated concrete foundations and steel base plates.Along with up-front savings the Polyshield® system's corrosion resistance and proven track record provides longer life. Finally its inherent design and material composition provides greater stability and dampening capabilities that translate into not just a more durable foundation proven but longer life for the equipment it supports

Polyshield® replaces:

  • Concrete foundation, brick linings and coatings
  • Anchor bolts
  • Conventional baseplate
  • Grouting system

Polyshield® is a foundation and baseplate shell for rotating pumps and motors. Polyshield® is constructed of polymer concrete in a one-piece shell. The shell replaces the baseplate, foundation, anchor bolts and grouting system.The Polyshield® system can be combined with a wide variety of rotating pump designs including:

ANSI Polyshields

The ANSI Polyshield is a one-piece polymer concrete foundation and baseplate shell and a removable polymer concrete motor block. Pumps and motors are bolted to the polymer surface with cast-in alloy inserts. Each polymer and motor block accomadates two NEMA (IEC) frame sizes. Within limits, motor blocks may be changed to future frame sizes. Polymer motor blocks are supplied in different heights and insert locations for all ANSI group sizes and motor combinations.

Available in stock:
  • Eight pre-engineered foundation sizes for all ANSI frame designs with NEMA or IEC motors.

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Custom Polyshields

The Custom Polyshield® is a polymer concrete foundation and baseplate shell with large and thick alloy mounting surfaces for affixing both the pump and motor. The unit is designed to accommodate large end suction, split case, double suction and axial flow pumps with NEMA and non-NEMA motor frames. Custom Polyshields allow large pumps and motors to be installed quickly and reduce installation cost compared to fabricated metal baseplates.

Design Features:
  • Large and thick alloy pads for affixing pump and motor
  • Removable 316SS transverse jack bolts for motor adjustment
  • Machine mounting pads coplanar flatness to 0.002"/ft

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Specialized Engineering Services for Custom Equipment Foundations

Polyshield® is manufactured in a variety of standard configurations. In addition, Polyshield® technology can be custom designed to meet unique foundation support needs for non-standard equipment as well. Our in-house product specialists work with plant personnel, equipment suppliers and equipment refurbishors to meet project specific applications for custom designed shells and motor blocks. Thorough quality control over production insures that custom designs meet required specifications for quick and easy installation without problems.

Rich Rogers

Polyshield® Team Leader
Larry Welch

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ Polyshield® Team is led by Rich Rogers.


Installation Support

Polyshield Equipment Foundations

Installing Polyshield® is faster and easier than in place foundation re-building. Because of the precision nature of our pre-manufactured product the foundation matches up easier to the equipment it supports further reducing overall downtime. Because of the unique nature of the installing pre-manufactured foundation shells compared to traditional foundation repair and replacement STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES offers install oversight if needed to in-house and outside contractors to insure proper installation.In addition Qualified and experienced contracting installation services are available through Structural Groups specialty contracting companies, STRUCTURAL and PULLMAN for turnkey product design, installation and warranty.




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