Tstrata IRC™

Specially formulated, one part microsilica modified concrete restoration material with integral corrosion inhibitor designed to resist vibration and high temperatures.

Tstrata IRC™ - Infuseable Rapid Cure Restoration Material

Tstrata IRCis a specially formulated, one part microsilica modified concrete restoration material with integral corrosion inhibitor designed for restoration of a wide variety of concrete structures. It is a premixed, dry packaged concrete material that contains pea gravel and is suitable for interior and exterior installation. Requiring only the addition of water – Tstrata IRC is a rapid curing, high strength material with extended working time for ease of placement. It is handled like ordinary high slump concrete and can be used in placements from 1 inch (25 mm) to full depth.

Tstrata IRC™ Features:
  • Microsilica modified for high strength
  • For interior or exterior use
  • Contains an integral corrosion inhibitor
  • Premixed with pea gravel, ready-to-use
  • Extended working time


Tstrata IRC™ Technical Information

HARDENED CONCRETE PROPERTIES - Typical Engineering Data @ 70°F (21°C)

Compressive Strength - ASTM C39
3”x6” cyl.@ 0.5gal/50lb. bag.
1 day 4,500 psi (31 MPa)
7 days 7,700 psi (48 MPa)
28 days 8,500 psi (59 MPa)

Flexural Strength - ASTM C348
7 days 900 psi (6 MPa)
28 days 1,050 psi (7 MPa)


Engineered Solutions for Concrete Restoration Materials

Concrete TestingOur concrete specialists combine their expertise with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' other field support staff to develop, test and provide quality control over the design and custom development of both the product and its application techniques. Our testing labs provide additional quality control over our bagged materials and our application labs allow us to lab test required field properties to ensure custom mixes produce the required field performance properties that they are custom designed to achieve

Along with premium material performance our concrete product solutions include engineered technology as part of the standard installation means and methods. This integration of product and engineered technology creates not only superior performance but higher reliability in the field to ensure that the design and required performance of our material is actually achieved in the field on a consistent basis. This helps to minimize the potential for field application problems that impact designed performance

Form & Pump

For example, our materials, engineering and field staff have combined their expertise to develop pressurized forming systems that work with our proprietary products to maximize bond with the existing structural member being repaired. Such technology is critical for performance on structural repairs, as a lack of thorough bond can prevent an enlargement or structural repair from achieving its designed structural load bearing capacity.



Concrete Team Leader


Tom Kline
Tom KlineDirector of Investigate-Design-Build Services

Tom Kline is the Director of Investigate-Design-Build Services for STRUCTURALTECHNOLOGIES. Tom is an expert in concrete evaluation and repair with over 35 years of experience in forensic investigation and concrete restoration. He focuses on the evaluation, assessment, and repair/strengthening of reinforced concrete structures. Tom manages and directs a diverse group of technical experts in providing design-build capabilities, developing turnkey repair strategies, and implementing sophisticated and verifiable repair programs for a wide range of concrete repair customers. His specialties include special structures, fireproofing, repair and restoration strategies, PCMS, natural and mechanical draft cooling towers, coating and protective linings, NDT and SDT means and methods, QA/QC plan development & implementation, and nuclear infrastructure. Tom is regularly a guest lecturer domestically and internationally for various seminars, symposiums, and workshops for the ACI, PCA, ICRI, and many other trade organizations. 



STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' licensed engineering services are provided by StrongPoint Engineering, LLC - A Structural Group Company, or through other licensed engineers.

Installation Support

Form & PumpOur concrete specialists combine their expertise with our other STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES field support staff to develop, test and provide quality control over the design and custom development of both the product and its application techniques. 

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' full time field support staff can oversee actual critical applications in the field providing a higher level of service and quality control than typically provided by mass produced standard concrete product suppliers.

Turnkey Investigate – Design – Build Solutions 

When paired with Structural Group's specialty contracting companies— we provide our clients with turnkey Investigate-Design-Build services from forensic evaluation, product selection, setting of means and methods, and system installation with single source accountability. Together, we seamlessly integrate to deliver customized, cost-effective, and long-lasting solutions for problems with concrete structures.




STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES — A Structural Group Company

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