Advanced FRP Composites

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' lightweight V-Wrap™ Systems are supported by a team of specialists that help develop engineered solutions for strengthening of a variety of structural elements, including beams, columns and slabs.

V-Wrap™ FRP Composite Strengthening Systems

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ V-Wrap externally bonded carbon and glass fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) systems utilize lightweight, high-strength carbon fibers bonded with adhesive resins.

V-Wrap Systems™ are used to increase or restore load-carrying capacity to a variety of structures. Low profile,  flexible, and with very high strength, FRP can provide significant strength increase and is ideal for applications with limited access and/or complex geometries.

  • FRP Installation
    V-Wrap materials are ICC-ES approved, are environmentally friendly, and have UL-approved fire-resistant finishes available
    • Engineers can design and include in projects with confidence of plan check approval
    • ICC-ES approval provides long-term durability assessment that allows for 50-year 
    • Materials can be installed in active commercial, institutional and industrial environments, maximizing on-going operations for Owners
    • A variety of finishes including fire-resistant finishes allow engineers more options for use of V-Wrap materials
  • Carbon Fiber Plates
    V-Wrap offers significant ease and flexibility of installation over steel and other repair options
    • Can be installed on complex geometries in any orientation
    • Can be installed on-site, immediatiately, or long after structural member is put into place
    • Due to ease of installation it is often a lower overall cost alternative compared to steel and other materials
    • Ease of installation translates into faster schedule and provides cost saving advantages
    • Small construction footprint with no heavy equipment required provides advantages to Owner
  • Carbon Fiber Rod installation
    V-Wrap - increases shear, flexural, and axial strengths of structural members and improves ductility and seismic performance
    • Versatile. Can be utilized on a variety of structural elements including columns, beams, walls and slabs to restore and/or increase capacity and ductility
    • Lightweight. Material strengthens structural members with no impact on overall weight of structure
    • Thin. Low-profile system, typically 1/8” or less, allows for minimal impact on area where FRP being installed


V-Wrap™ Systems are engineered to meet a project's specific requirements. System components are selected to optimize application performance, and may include any combination of fabrics, laminates, resins, and coatings:

FRP Reinforcement: Fabrics

V-Wrap high strength carbon and glass fabrics
Product Description SDS Technical  Data
V-Wrap C400 40 oz per square yard (1,424 g/m2) unidirectional carbon fiber fabric PDF PDF
V-Wrap C200 19 oz per square yard (644 g/m2) unidirectional carbon fiber fabric PDF PDF
V-Wrap C200-H 22 oz per square yard (750 g/m2) unidirectional carbon fiber fabric PDF PDF
V-Wrap C100 9 oz per square yard (300 g/m2) unidirectional carbon fiber fabric PDF PDF
V-Wrap EG50 27 oz per square yard (915 g/m2) unidirectional glass fiber fabric PDF PDF
V-Wrap Carbon Fiber Anchors Unidirectional carbon roving to anchor carbon and glass fabric PDF PDF

FRP Reinforcement: Pre-Cured Laminates

V-Wrap high strength carbon and glass rods and plates
Product Description SDS Technical  Data
V-Wrap Carbon Fiber Rod Premanufactured composite carbon/resin rods PDF PDF
V-Wrap Glass Fiber Rod Premanufactured composite glass/resin rods PDF PDF
V-Wrap Carbon Fiber Plate Premanufactured composite carbon/resin plates PDF PDF

FRP Resins

V-Wrap resins used as an adhesive, surface primer, tack coat and saturant.
Product Description SDS Technical  Data
V-Wrap 700 Adhesive for FRP Fabrics PDF PDF
V-Wrap 700 HTg Adhesive for FRP Fabrics exposed to elevated temperatures PDF PDF
V-Wrap 778 Adhesive for FRP Pre-Cured Laminates (Rods, Plates & Anchors) PDF PDF

Fire Protection Coatings

Optional V-Wrap coatings for systems that may be exposed to elevated temperatures.
Product Description SDS Technical  Data
V-Wrap FPS Primer First Component of V-Wrap Fire Protection System PDF PDF
V-Wrap FPS Bond Coat Second Component of V-Wrap Fire Protection System PDF PDF
V-Wrap FPS Fire Coat Third Component of V-Wrap Fire Protection System PDF PDF
V-Wrap FPS Finish Coat Fourth Component of V-Wrap Fire Protection System PDF PDF
V-Wrap FRS Fire Resistant System and Coating PDF PDF
Specialized Engineering Services for Structural Strengthening

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ Strengthening Team provides highly specialized engineering and technical support services. Our team integrates with owners, engineers and builders to evaluate multiple strengthening options in order to produce the best, most comprehensive solution.

Strengthening Engineering Team Leader
Tarek Alkhrdaji, PhD, P.E.

Tarek Alkhrdaji, PhD, PE

Tarek Alkhrdaji, PhD, PE, is Vice President of Engineering with Structural Technologies, Hanover MD. He received his Masters and Ph.D. degrees at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Dr. Alkhrdaji has experience in structural repair and strengthening and full scale load testing of concrete structures. He has been involved in more than 400 projects involving structural repair and strengthening and was involved in numerous repair and strengthening projects that received awards from The American Concrete Institute (ACI), the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI), and the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI). Dr. Alkhrdaji also has experience in design, planning and execution of full-scale load testing of structures for strength evaluation and performance verifications. such as ACI, ASCE, AWWA, SEA, PTI, and ICRI. Dr. Alkhrdaji is currently an active member of He is also an active member of ACI Committee 437 (Strength Evaluation of Existing Concrete Structures), ACI Committee 562 (Concrete Repair Code), a member of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute) and AWWA (American Water Works Association).

Dr. Alkhrdaji has written more than 40 papers and articles on structural strengthening of structures including buildings, bridges, silos, tanks and concrete pipes. He has made many technical presentations at major industry events, professional organizations seminars and conferences and was the past Chair of ACI Subcommittee 440F (FRP Repair & Strengthening).



STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' licensed engineering services are provided by Structural Technologies StrongPoint, LLC - A Structural Group Company, or through other licensed engineers.

Installation Support

Strengthening Concrete Column

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides construction phase support services to ensure that the strengthening systems are installed properly and will carry out their intended functions. We coordinate with builders to provide project-specific oversight, quality assurance and quality control.

Turnkey Investigate – Design – Build Solutions

When paired with Structural Group's specialty contracting companies—we provide our clients with a full range of strengthening design support, construction, and maintenance services from a single source of accountability. Together, we seamlessly deliver customized, cost-effective, and long-lasting solutions for structural challenges.




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