Specialty Solutions Through a Design-Build Approach

Contact us today to arrange a site visit, review photos and drawings, or schedule an educational presentation to see how our team's approach to Design-Build can solve your repair challenges—resulting in quality solutions.

Design-Build Services

From assistance with the selection of the proper STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES products and project specific designs of our product solutions to overseeing the installation, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is there to insure your repair project’s success. Our goal is to find the solution that best meets your budget, schedule, logistics and service life requirements. 


Investigate-Design-Build Services through Structural Group

Along with a full range of repair products, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES provides turnkey investigation, engineering and construction services by working in combination with other Structural Group Companies located in the Middle East.  Investigation and condition assessment is performed through SIMCO-ME our Dubai based affiliate and repairs using STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' products are installed by STRUCTURAL, a Structural Group company with offices in multiple UAE locations. Under this approach, single source responsibility from investigation through design and construction is achieved.

In Saudi Arabia, SIMCO-ME provides investigation and design services. Quality installation of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' products and solutions are provided through certified contractors with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES personnel providing quality control oversight.


Concrete Repair

Engineered Solutions for Concrete Restoration Materials

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES' concrete subject matter experts combine their technical material and repair design expertise with the construction experience of STRUCTURAL’s construction company to develop the proper solutions including products, repair approaches  and constructability considerations to create the best solution for your concrete repair needs. From our specialized bagged repair materials and Tstrata™ ready mix designs to our patented Tstrata™ form and pump solutions, our subject matter experts are there to support the development of the proper solution to your concrete repair problem. 

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Tom Kline

Tom Kline, Director of Concrete Solutions for STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES is an expert in concrete evaluation and repair with over 35 years of experience in concrete restoration. His extensive material science background and years of field experience concrete repair solutions provides clients the solution building capability needed to solve and concrete related repair challenge.

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Specialized Engineering Services for Structural Strengthening

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ Strengthening Team provides highly specialized engineering and technical support services. Our team integrates with owners, engineers, and builders to evaluate multiple strengthening options in order to produce the best, most comprehensive solution.

Regardless of the need, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES can assist in the development and implementation of value-added structural upgrade and strengthening solutions.

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Tarek Alkhrdaji, PhD, P.E.

Dr. Alkhrdaji has experience in structural repair and strengthening and full scale load testing of concrete structures. He has been involved in more than 400 projects involving structural repair and strengthening.

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Engineered Solutions for Corrosion Control

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ Corrosion Team provides solution development for corrosion protection and fully engineered corrosion control systems. Our team integrates with owners, engineers and builders to provide or assist in feasibility studies cost estimates and corrosion control system design. In addition our corrosion team provides quality control and installation oversight of corrosion control systems installed by STRUCTURAL, the construction arm of Structural Group in the UAE or by certified Structural Technologies contractors in Saudi Arabia. 

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Jorge Costa, P.E

Jorge Costa is Vice President of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ Corrosion Solutions Team that provides application engineering, design, quality assurance and monitoring of corrosion control systems. He also guides our efforts in research and development of innovative means of corrosion protection for concrete structures.

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Moisture Control

Engineered Solutions for Moisture Control

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ Moisture Control Team provides solution building services for difficult-to-solve moisture problems. Our specialty is taking on problems where traditional products and design solutions have failed. Our experts integrate with engineers, owners and builders to assist with initial assessments through design and material selection.

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Brent Anderson, P.E.

Brent has over 34 years of experience in below-grade foundation and plaza deck waterproofing, chemical grouting with urethanes, micro-fine cements, bentonite's, acrylamides, acrylic’s and epoxies. He performs forensic foundation engineering for concrete problems and water leakage claims.

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STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES — A Structural Group Company

Structural Group Companies serving the Middle East include  STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, STRUCTURAL, and SIMCO-ME. Together, we provide seamless turnkey investigate design build solutions that integrate technology, engineering, and construction. Structural Group companies are dedicated to the mission of making new and existing structures stronger and last longer

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