Strengthening with Post-Tensioning

Structural Strengthening with Post-Tensioning

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES manufactures a variety of post-tensioning systems (high strength prestressing cables, strands and steel bars), and helps design post-tensioning systems that can be utilized to actively increase or restore the load-carrying capacity for a variety of structures. Post-tensioning is ideal for situations that require significant load capacity increases or to address concerns with excessive deflection and/or cracking. Post-tensioning systems consist of high strength steel reinforcement that connects to the structure at the anchor points. The desired post-tensioning force is provided by profiling the tendons or using deviators to create high and low points along the span of the member. By varying the profile of the tendons, the uplift force can be manipulated to achieve different levels of capacity/serviceability improvement.

External Post-Tensioning systems have tendons installed outside the structural element, but may be placed in grouted ducts to improve durability and/or fire resistance.

Internal Post-Tensioning systems are typically installed within a Tstrata Enlargement System™, or they may be installed into an existing member through core drilling or other methods. These systems utilize the structural element itself, or the new enlargement, to provide required durability and fire protection.

Products & Systems

Our systems have a well-earned reputation for their quality, reliability, and durability – and have been used throughout the world since 1956 to build, repair, and strengthen buildings, tanks, bridges, and special structures. Our manufacturing facilities in the United States are certified by PTI’s Plant Certification Program to ensure the highest quality fabrication of materials.

Structural Strengthening Design & Engineering Support

Solutions For:

• Change in Code
Seismic Upgrade
• Increased Loads
• Missing or Misplaced Reinforcement
• Deterioration
• Low Concrete Strength
• New Penetrations & Openings
Force Protection
Pipe Rehabilitation

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