Strengthening Solution Builders

Tarek Alkhrdaji, PhD., P.E.

Vice President – Strengthening Solutions

Tarek Alkhrdaji, PhD., P.E. is an expert in structural repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures. He focuses on the evaluation, design, planning, and execution of full-scale load testing of structures to assess existing condition and evaluate the performance of repairs. Dr. Alkhrdaji specializes in a wide-range of strengthening techniques, including bonded FRP plates, rods and fabric, external post-tensioning, enlargement, span shortening and bonded steel shapes.

Dr. Alkhrdaji is actively involved in various trade organizations, including ACI, ASCE, AWWA, SEA, PTI, and ICRI. He often shares his knowledge with the industry through technical presentations and the over 40 structural strengthening papers he has written. Go to Dr.Tarek's full profile


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Clyde Ellis

General Manager - STRUCTURAL Middle East

Clyde Ellis has over 18 years of experience developing innovative design-build solutions for transportation infrastructure that adds value and reduces cost for repair/rehabilitation, structural enhancement and protection from future deterioration. He is responsible for developing solutions for transportation structures with a focus on forensics, post-tensioning tendon inspection, concrete repairs and structural strengthening for box girder bridges, cable stay bridges, suspension bridges, straddle bents and pier caps.


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Anass Alakhrass, MSCEng, PMP, RMP

Engineering Manager - STRUCTURAL Middle East

Anass Alakhrass, MSCEng, PMP, RMP has over 14 years of experience in structural repair, strengthening and rehabilitation of structures. Anass's main strength is his extensive experience with Middle East construction and design standards. He has experience in analyzing and designing residential and commercial buildings, bridges and industrial facilities; and in providing strengthening solutions by means of CFRP (Carbon Fiber) reinforcing, using external prestressing, as well as utilizing jacketing techniques (form & pump and shotcrete) of structural elements. Anass has broad experience in prestressing design (Pretension and Post-tension), detailing, investigation and repair.

Anass leads the design team in providing value engineering for evaluation, repair and strengthening of structures and developing optimized solutions that meet projects requirements in the most technically solid and economical way.

Anass is a member of ACI committee 423 (Prestressed Concrete) and ACI committee 546 (Repair of Concrete).


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Dilawar Hussain, B.E.

Senior Structural Engineer - STRUCTURAL Middle East

Dilawar Hussain, B.E. has over 13 years of design experience in the field of construction and specialized engineering services such as Post-tension Design, Repair and Rehabilitation of concrete.

Some of Dilawar's key strengthening projects include Concrete Enlargement & CFRP Strengthening of Capital Plaza Towers in Abu Dhabi, Concrete Enlargement & CFRP Strengthening of multiple expansions of Dubai Mall, and Repair & Strengthening of Wadi Mushaireb Bridge in Qatar. 



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Ahmad Salama, M.Sc.

Structural Engineer - STRUCTURAL Middle East

Ahmad Salama M.Sc. specializes in structural strengthening and 'analysis and design' for commercial buildings. He graduated with honors from the American University of Sharjah (AUS) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Ahmad pursued his masters in Civil Engineering and acquired his Master’s Degree in 2016. He has focused his career path on RC strengthening and is publishing his master’s degree thesis in FRP flexural strengthening. 


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