STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES develops and integrates products, design support and repair and maintenance services to make new and existing transportation infrastructure stronger and last longer.

For new construction:
Our products and solutions can improve the performance and durability of structures, as well as correct construction defects.

For existing infrastructure:
STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ products repair deterioration or damage, and protect structures in order to extend life or comply with change of use requirements.

When installing STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ products and systems, our contracting company, STRUCTURAL provides our clients with the reassurance that our technology solutions are being installed by experienced professionals with the highest standards for quality control and safety.

  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Railways
  • Airports
  • Port Facilities
  • Locks & Dams

State-of-the-Art Products

Corrosion Control Systems

Corrosion Control Systems
Systems for controlling corrosion in reinforced concrete and steel infrastructure.

Post-Tensioning Repair Systems

Post-Tensioning Repair Systems
Products and systems for the repair and modification of post-tensioned concrete structures

Structural Strengthening

Structural Strengthening
Advanced systems used to restore or increase the load-carrying capacity of reinforced concrete, masonry, timber and steel.

Tstrata Specialty Concrete Mixes™

Tstrata Specialty Concrete Mixes™
Specialized concrete repair materials and custom ready-mix designs for maximizing durability of repairs.

Force Protection Systems

Force Protection Systems
Advanced composites and structural systems to protect and harden bridge elements from natural and man-made threats.

Moisture Control & Waterproofing Systems

Moisture Control & Waterproofing Systems
Products and engineered solutions designed to solve challenges with moisture and leaks in concrete structures.

Product Design & Engineering Support

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ staff of engineers, technical support, and field installation specialists integrate with engineers, architects, designers and contractors to provide a diverse range of design support services for our products and technologies.

Design Support Services

• Investigation Support
• Solution Development
• Budget Development
• Specification Assistance
• Constructability Consulting
• Application Engineering
• Quality Control Programs
• Project-Specific Design-Assist

Team Leaders

Each of our product lines is led by industry experts. Visit our solution builder pages to interact with our subject matter experts, and read more about products and applications.


• Concrete Repair
• Structural Strengthening
• Pipeline Rehabilitation
• Post-Tensioning
• Post-Tensioning Repair
• Corrosion Control
• Moisture Control
• Seismic Repair & Retrofit
• Prestressed Concrete Tanks
• Rotating Equipment Foundations

Repair & Maintenance Services

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ contracting companies have offices across the United States and the Middle East – providing industry-leading repair and maintenance services to make transportation and public infrastructure stronger and last longer. Specializing in concrete/steel repair and maintenance of civil and infrastructure, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ repair companies perform more concrete repair than any other firm in the United States.

When providing repair and maintenance services that utilize STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ products and systems, our clients are reassured that our solutions are being installed by experienced professionals with the highest standards for quality control and safety.

Integrated Design-Build Solutions

Combining repair services, engineered products and engineering support services in conjunction with its engineering partners, STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ companies provide an integrated Investigate-Design-Build (IDB) approach to provide a seamless process from initial design through installation with single-source responsibility.